Game 2: Efithor Vs. Mike

The game today is a Protoss Vs. Terran on Shakuras Plateau, with my opponent possessing the terrifyingly generic name of “Mike”.

Pictures can be clicked for larger versions.

As this was a game against Terran, it was likely that my opponent would be getting some sort of infantry/tank mix, so I decided to try and go for immortal/colossus. This would require, however, actually being able to stay alive long enough to counter any early aggression on the part of my Terran foe. To deal with this, I opted for a light defense of gateway units to fend off any fast bio pushes.

I move my fledgling army to my natural’s ramp, in order to secure it for my expansion. Mike attacks sooner than I would have liked. Despite I having superior troops, Mike is able to simply kite my zealots, preventing me from actually engaging his force. I attempt to force-field to contain his units, but I only have a single sentry, and one with low energy at that. I can’t retreat from Mike’s units, as they would simply run down my zealots, but I can’t attack them either, as they would simply dance just out of reach, taunting me.

In the end, my zealots, sentries, and stalkers are defeated, and Mike pushes into my base for a fast kill. I surrender at 8 minutes.

I don’t fall in rank, as I’m at the very bottom of my league, but if I can’t pull a win out over the other platinum players soon, I’ll find myself demoted to gold.

The game leaves one lingering question: how does one deal with early infantry aggression against Terran? If I got a large number of stalkers, my opponent would only beef up his marauder count and annihilate me. Perhaps an early cannon defense is in order?

Replay file is HERE.

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