Game 3: Efithor Vs. Tertium (In Soviet Russia, Roaches Step On You!)

My match today was a Protoss vs Zerg against Tertium on the map Tal’Darim Altar LE. The map is rife with expansions and ways into them, so holding on to one’s base can be a challenging affair.

This is the only match up that has yet to be done on Adamant Nomad, so I was unsure of what to do, specifically. I decided to get a solid mix of gateway units, expand and hold a defensive posture, then attack Tertium when I hit the population cap.

Knowing the possibility of zergling aggression, but also wanting to secure my natural expansion, I move my zealot/stalker/sentry ball to my second ramp. Hopefully I can deter all but the most determined of zergling run-bys, and if my opponent dumps that much effort into such an attack, you can be sure his economy is suffering back home. Remembering the last game, where I lost due to a lack of mobility, and the game before that, where I didn’t actually research anything from my forge, I start getting the +1 upgrades and charge upgrade quickly. I also get blink, but I never use it, I need to figure out what to do with these stalkers, rather than having them sit around the base all the time.

My opponent does not appear to build any zerglings, but he did build a horde of roaches!  While I fend off the initial incursions, Tertium’s relentless assaults have my base in ruins by the 20 minute mark.

Part of my problem with this round was that I neglected to get a robotics bay at any time. The observers could have helped learn of the massive incoming invasion of roaches, and give me the ability to build immortals to counter said invasion. Additionally, I had no detection throughout the game, save for several cannon at the back of my mineral line, which gave sneaky roaches free reign over my assets. Next time, I’ll do better and wipe the smile off the face of any player who builds naught but the roach!

Replay file is HERE.

Ideas? Suggestions? Protips? Comment below!


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