Game 5: Efithor Vs. Phenomenone: A Colossal Victory!

Korhal Compund from Starcraft II

Pictures can be clicked for larger versions.

Sunday’s game was, unusually, a Protoss Vs. Random. My opponent, Phenomenone, ended up spawning as Protoss, so the game quickly became a PvP. The map, Korhol Compound, is notable for large, difficult to defend entrances, especially in regards to the natural expansion.

Learning from my previous games against the ‘Toss I decided to go for a robotic build, rather than my standard gateway ordeal. Phenomenone opted for gateway units, and only got a robotics bay late in the game. One of my major problems during this game is that I was unsure of when I should attack, and by extent expand. If yesterday’s game told me to expand when I attack, my next problem was figuring out when I attack. While I was producing large numbers of immortals and colossi, I found I had a lot of minerals floating around, which I used to build zealots.

The issue of when to attack is solved for me, as Phenomenone attacks me first! His attack is mostly composed of stalkers, which don’t stand a chance against immortals, so he quickly turns around and blinks away. I figure that attacking when your enemy is routing is a good time as any, so I order my not inconsiderable force to Phenomenone’s base!

Phenomenone is waiting for me when I arrive, but this time with twice as many stalkers, photon cannon support, and the ability to reinforce very quickly. I push through and manage to destroy an unused nexus at his natural expansion, and immediately turn up the ramp. Back home, I try to keep my macro working, still, I take a severe hit to production, as my attention is split between the battle at the enemy base and building units at my own. A group of immortals, colossi, and zealots rolls off the production line, though, and I send them off to the south. In the end, Phenomenone’s base falls, and I score my first platinum league victory!

Replay file is HERE.

Questions? Ideas? Protips? Comment below!

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