Game 6: Efithor Vs. Drozes: The Art of Virtual War

Korhal Compund from Starcraft II

Pictures can be clicked for larger versions.

The Monday game also took place on Korhal Compound LE, with me spawning in the south position and my opponent spawning in the north.

Protoss Base, Starcraft II

I decided to go for a similar build as last time, with a gateway, followed by a cybernetics core, and then a robotics facility. I then got a robotics bay for fast colossi, but this was probably a mistake on my part.

I get attacked by a gateway unit force at about the 9 minute mark. If I had not gotten the robotics bay, extended thermal lance upgrade, and a colossus, I would have had immortals in sufficient force to deal with the large numbers of stalkers beating a path to my doorstep. Instead, I only survive by the skin of my teeth, with a trio of zealots and a immortal swooping in at the last moment to save the day, and thwart Drozes attack.

Protoss expansion

Had I struck Drozes base immediately after he attacked me, I would have secured a fast and easy victory against him. This was because after his assault failed, Drozes decided to take his natural expansion. As taking your natural cuts significantly into troop production, Drozes was left with only a pair of stalkers for an extended window. I did not attack, however, as I feared he would quickly raise a new army of gateway units to defend against my counterattack that never happened. So, if we take everything we have learned in the past few days, the philosophy of war goes thus:

“When your opponent expands, attack. When you expand, attack.” -Sun Tzu (Probably)

The only issue is that I did not know when my opponent was expanding. This problem can be quickly solved, however, with the humble observer, which I can easily build with this build. Thus, I must place observers at the back of his natural, over the terrain, (Where it is unlikely to be spotted) and at where I think he will take his third base. Then whenever my opponent expands, I’ll make him pay!

Protoss vs Protoss battle

Anyway, after building up my forces, I attacked Drozes myself, and was repulsed. When my observer saw him taking a third base, I attacked again, and forced a gg from my opponent.

I should also mention that my macro still falls apart during any sort of action. I need to start hotkeying production buildings. Also: Drozes has some nice force-field work in this match.

Replay file is HERE.

Questions? Ideas? Protips? Comment below!

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