Game 7: Efithor Vs GCWarrior: Seven Days of Starcraft!

Pictures can be clicked for larger versions!

The one week anniversary game was played against Protoss GCWarrior on the map Antiga Shipyard, land of the difficult to defend third base. I also played this game while listening to Gregorian Chanting, in the hopes that it would make me less jittery while playing. (No such luck)

I go for what has become standard for me this past few days: fast robotics facilities producing immortals, backing them up with zealots and the occasional sentry. Much to my own chagrin, however, I forget to get any gas before my cybernetics core goes up, so I compensate by building more pylons. While I don’t need them now, it keeps my minerals low, and I wont have to build them later. Still, I quickly overtake GCWarrior in terms of supply count, as it would seem he stopped building probes when he hit 24, while I continued onward, until combat drove probe production from my head towards the end of the game.

My observant observer (who is difficult to observe) observes an observable nexus, with an act of observation, being built by GCWarrior.  If the theory from yesterday’s post holds true, now is this time to attack!

While our armies were relatively even in terms of value, GCWarrior’s reliance on stalkers was his downfall. My immortals were able to destroy them without much trouble, and when the enemy stalkers blinked away in retreat, his immortals were ripe pickings for my zealots!

I did win, but some problems are still present in my play. When I attacked GCWarrior as he took his natural expansion, I failed to secure my own second base. Had I done so, it would have allowed me to surpass my opponent by leaps and bounds, rather than just plain old bounds. Additionally, I need to still build probes constantly, even in the event of a surefire win. I was able to still produce some immortals and zealots while I attacked, and the second wave they provided was what secured my triumph.

Replay file is HERE.

Questions? Ideas? Protips? Comment Below!


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  1. Syp says:

    Welcome to the NBI! Have fun blogging and let us know if you have any questions!

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