Game 1: Efithor Vs. Kozzafrenzy


My first game for the blog (and my last placement match of the season) is a Protoss vs. Protoss on the map Metalopolis, with myself facing off against Kozzafrenzy.

My plan for this game was to get warpgate technology quickly, while building four warpgates. When those were finished, expand to my natural and get a forge running, so I can build cannon to defend my back against any warpprism shenanigans, and allow me to get the first round of +1 upgrades for my ground troops. After my natural expansion was up and running, I would get a couple of robotics bays and start churning out immortals, unless my foe decided to get Void Rays, in which case a change of plan would be needed.

Pictures can be clicked on for larger versions.


The plan went off without much issue, as my opponent was not playing aggressively, so I was never caught off balance. After my first robotics bay completed, I floated an observer over Kozzafrenzy’s base and was surprised to find only meager defenses awaiting me.


None of my Immortals had finished construction yet, but I put ordered my entire army to attack immediately in order to crush Kozzafrenzy and his relatively small army.


My assault goes off without a hitch, and my opponent’s main base is quickly reduced to a pile of Protoss rubble. Still, the game does not reveal my opponent, so he must have another base, likely at the gold expansion. It would explain the small number of troops at Kozzafrenzy’s front door, if he had allocated resources into grabbing a fast gold expansion, he would be left with less money to spend on army until the second base got up and running.


My guess about Kozza possessing the gold expansion turns out to be correct. Still, by the time I get there, he has already prepared a formidable defense of Immortals and cannon. His two robotics bays, however, are unable to match my troop output, and I quickly overwhelm his final base, winning the game.

Things I could Do Better:

1Be constantly making probes.

Macro is everything, the main reason Kozza lost was that his probe count was only about half of mine, and he was thus able to collect far fewer resources then I. I still, however, did not have as many probes as I could have, and would have won by a greater margin if I had built probes constantly.

2. Actually research things from the forge.

I only used the forge to get up a cannon defense, and then I forgot to use it for actual upgrades.

3. While you attack, don’t let your macro fall apart.

If my attack on Kozza’s main base had failed miserably, I would have been dead due to having a out of control economy back home. I need to constantly produce units, buildings and probes while attacking my enemy.

Well, that was my final placement match, so let’s see where Starcraft II decided to stick me…


PLATINUM!? The game decided I was a platinum-level player?!

I am so screwed.

Replay file is HERE.

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A Mission Statement


Thanks to the Newbie Blogger Initiative, I have decided to experiment with the concept of blogging. I once had a blog, years ago, but it quickly died off, much like a plant you forget to water. As the NBI focuses on blogs relating to gaming (MMOs in specific), I will orient Adamant Nomad on multiplayer games, as I doubt I play any MMOs with the required amount of fervor to blog about them.

Mission: To play one game of Starcraft II each day, and blog about the match. At the end of May, I will enter a tournament at, and blog about how I do.

Let the experiment begin!

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