Game 4: Efithor Vs. CoDe

Starcraft II map Metalopolis

Pictures can be clicked for larger versions.

Saturday’s game was against gold-level player CoDe on the map Metalopolis, with myself spawning at the 2 o’clock and my opponent at the 8 o’clock.

Starcraft II Protoss Base

To counter any marine/marauder micro tomfoolery, I build a forge directly after my first gateway, so I can grab an early cannon defense. This delays my my fourth gateway and my cybernetics core, however, as I don’t think I can produce out of that many buildings this early in the game. Leaving warpgate tech unresearched for that period of time was likely a mistake, and definitely cut into my unit production.

Starcraft II Terran vs Protoss

I end up getting steamrolled by CoDe’s much larger army of marines and thors, and I gg at around the 13 minute mark. The loss leaves me confused. I had just as much income as my opponent, and just as many production structures. I even had my natural expansion while CoDe continued one-basing. So how was he able to muster up a larger army?

Protoss Natural Expansion

What killed me (other than the army beating a path to my door) was the fact that I had my natural expansion, and my very early forge. My opponent never got an engineering bay, nor did he expand, all of CoDe’s resources went to creating a large army. By not expanding or getting any upgrades, he had more money to spend on stuff to shoot me with. My stratagy would have paid off, had CoDe not attacked earlier. When one gets an expansion, it takes some time before that expansion becomes a benefit, rather than a detriment, as the cost to build the nexus and probes could be spent elsewhere. Had I been able to survive for a longer period of time, I would have been able to outstrip CoDe’s economy soundly.

Starcraft II Terran All In

It should also be noted that CoDe’s assault on my base was very much an all-in attack, he even took a sizable portion of his SCVs with him to repair the thors. Had I repelled the marine/thor force, CoDe’s position would have been a dire one indeed, and I could have easily counterattacked for a victory.

Replay File is HERE.

Ideas? Suggestions? Protips? Comment below!

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